be2 is an international online matchmaker, with websites in 37 countries. 30 million singles trust be2 and are inspired by the 40% success rate. Find out why be2 works, all over the world.

be2 - the fastest-growing online matchmaking site

The international matchmaking site be2 has more than 30 million members all over the world. Singles in 37 countries can use be2 to find love in 12 different languages (not counting the language of love, which is shared by everyone). The countries marked in red on the map below have their own be2 websites. Click to see if be2 is available in your country.

be2 from launch to 30 million

2004: be2 was founded in Munich and went online with the German website, followed by a Spanish and Italian version the same year.
2005: be2 went online in France and launched the first website outside Europe with be2 Brazil.
2006: be2 launched in Switzerland and the Netherlands. 50% of all be2 members registered at this time were women. This was an important goal for be2 to reach, because it makes it easier to create perfect matches between men and women.
2007: be2 conquered the American continent with be2 Canada, be2 USA, be2 Mexico, be2 Argentina and be2 Chile, while be2 Russia, be2 Sweden, be2 Finland, be2 Austria, be2 Ireland, be2 UK, be2 Poland and be2 Norway went live in Europe. be2 had more than 5 million members by the end of the year!
2008: be2 went online on all 6 continents with be2 Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Philippines and South Africa.
2009: 19 million be2 members worldwide are using the matchmaking service be2.
20010-2012: 20,000 singles join be2 every day on average.

be2 - history of an online matchmaker

Since its beginnings in 2004, be2 has quickly grown to become the most-visited online matchmaker in Europe and the fastest-growing matchmaking site worldwide.